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AEC College occupies around 4,593 sqft (427sqm) of space.
We have 6 training/classrooms that accommodate various class configuration and seating arrangements.

Each classroom is equipped with:

Ceiling-mounted projector, Motorized projection screen, Whiteboards, Flipcharts, Air-conditioning

Lecture Rooms/Class Rooms

List of Room Floor Area (m2)
Diamond 29.00
Ruby 27.00
Sapphire 41.00
Topaz 30.00
Emerald 33.00
Garnet 27.00

Facilities For Rent

Our facilities can be rented out for seminars and workshops, tutorials, discussions, meetings as well as for tuition studies.

There are plenty of amenities and food establishments around our premises.

For enquiries on rental of our facilities. Please contact Mr. BK Lim / Ms. Nurul at facilities.rental@aec-college.edu.sg.


Internet Facilities
The college is a wireless surf-zone throughout. Just click and surf!







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